Beacon Bourbon

750 ml 50% alc/vol, 100 Proof

Winner, "Best Spirit", 2016 Hudson Valley Wine & Spirits Competition

Silver Medal, 2017 San Fran World Spirits Competition

We are proud to present our meticulously hand crafted Beacon Bourbon, made from New York State grains and aged for two years in premium charred white oak barrels. This classic spirit opens with notes of vanilla and oaky spice and finishes with hints of cinnamon, maple and dark fruit. Perfect neat, over ice or in an artful cocktail.


Beacon American WhisKey

750 ml 52% alc/vol, 104 Proof

A delicious, masterful spirit… with a nose of vanilla and caramel, a dash of cinamon on the palette and a long finish of butterscotch.  Distilled entirely from corn mash, this whiskey is deceptively smooth and easy to sip, but will still kick you in the pants at 104 proof.  



750ml 40% alc/vol, 80 Proof

Gold Medal, "Fifty Best Spirits Competition, 2016"

Maid of the Meadow is a true reflection of the abundance of the Hudson Valley! Wild herbs and wild honey infuse this wheat based spirit, lending it a lovely nose of honey and peaches, and a palette of lemon balm, raspberry and roasted root.  It’s a lovely spirit over ice or with a splash of dry sparkling wine.


Great 9 gin

750 ml 40% alc/vol, 80 Proof

Silver Medal, San Francisco Int'l Spirits Competition

Great 9 Gin is a celebration of the rich, verdant Hudson Valley and the original land patent for which it was named, the Great Nine Partners’ Patent. It also represents the 9 fragrant and exotic botanicals that infuse this spirit. Bright notes of lively botanicals on the nose and palette, this gin is an infusion of young juniper berries, sour orange, grapefruit, coriander, sweet almond and five other proprietary herbs.


Viskill Vodka

750 ml 40% alc/vol, 80 Proof

Viskill Vodka is an exceptionally smooth vodka of the highest quality. Distilled from New York State Winter Wheat, Viskill Vodka is the ideal sipping vodka.  Distilled four times and filtered continuously for three days with carbonized coconut shells, this spirit is delciously clean and highly sought after by vodka aficionados and purists. 


Denning's White Rye Whiskey

750 ml 47% alc/vol, 94 Proof

A bit of an anomaly…Aged for five days in a whiskey barrel, this unique raw rye spirit is far smoother than the typical unaged whiskey. Hints of fruit wood on the nose, a nice dose of spice on the palette and long finish of warm lingering earth, this is a complex and sophisticated interpretation of traditional moonshine. We love it neat but it also excels over ice and in a cocktail.